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Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for travelers.

It lures tourists with the fascinating architecture of ancient Rome, extremely romantic views of Venice, and marvelous landscapes of the Apennine Mountains.

If you want to taste delicious Italian pizza in one of the Roman restaurants, join our professional team.

The best places for tourists in Italy

Isola Bella, Sicily

Tucked away in a quiet cove and joined onto the mainland by just a narrow strip of land, Isola Bella is a pinprick of an island with more than its fair share of natural beauty. So-called ‘The Pearl of the Ionian Sea’, wait for low tide before heading across the island to discover hidden sea grottoes and pebbled beaches in a place that will feel all your own.


Visit it once, and you’ll see why Florence has inspired so many writers and artists. With its cobblestoned streets, graceful buildings and showstoppers like Palazzo Vecchio and the Duomo, Florence is a feast for the eyes.

Fonte Gaia, Siena

This impressive fountain is one of the Tuscan town's best, and easiest to spot--it's in the center of Piazza del Campo, the main square and home to Siena's famous horse race, il Palio.

The most exciting things in Italy

Enjoy the art at the Uffizi Gallery

Anyone heading to Florence shouldn’t miss the chance to visit one of arguably the most famous galleries in the world.

This museum is stuffed full of the works of Italian greats such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio which are all displayed in one of the prettiest buildings in Italy, the Palazzo degli Uffizi.

Make pasta in Bologna

Ever wanted to make your own pasta, but been put off by all the faff? Well, if you’re ever going to learn, this is the place to do it. At the CIBO — Culinary Institute of Bologna, you’ll learn how to roll out your pasta by hand (working those biceps in the process) and, afterwards, enjoy it with a glass of local wine.

The most exciting things to do in Italy

Visit the Greek ruins in Sicily

When you think of Italy, you probably think mostly of Roman ruins. But on Sicily, you can branch out a bit by touring both Roman and Greek ruins, and the stuff the Greeks left behind is even older than the stuff from ancient Rome.

Exploring the mosaics of Ravenna

Ravenna, on the Adriatic Coast between the provinces of Bologna and Forli in Northern Italy may not be as famous as Rome or Florence, but with its graceful domos, pretty palazzos and Italy’s most dazzling collection of early Christian mosaics, it is a goldmine for lovers of art, literature and history.

Marvel at the art in the Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi gallery is a world-renowned art gallery located adjacent to Piazza della Signoria in the historic town centre of Florence.

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Beautiful landscapes, amazing culinary delicacies, fashion, arts and history, culture, and La Dolce Vita… Italy — the enchanting country — has it all!

If you are a real connoisseur of tasty Italian pizza, marvelous landscapes of the Apennine Mountains, the magic of the Renaissance art, and romantic views of Venice, you need to get on a trip to Italy!

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